Spirit of Axia

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Twice a month we are holding LIVE online coaching and marketing sessions, where Axia's Margaret Yeung, her team, and leading experts will lead a small and exclusive group of 52 members to discuss the current and future state of your business and wellbeing.

In addition to a deeper dive into key business success factors Margaret, her team, and leading experts will field your questions about how to bring your business to the next level.

This is the perfect forum for you to meet like-minded business owners, get accountability for your business goals, become more inspired, and to learn how to implement marketing like a pro!

We meet every the 1st & 3rd Tuesday every month at 8pm ET with spaces being LIMITED to 52 members to keep it personal.

Key topics discussed including:

* Funding: to seek investment, grow revenues, or other options?

* How to develop corporate sponsorship?

* What is content, and how do I make time to do it?

* How do I make time for digital marketing & social media, and how do I manage it?

* Why is mobile and video marketing so important and how do I use it?

* How do I create a flawless operations team?

* How do I manage and keep my staff motivated and loyal?

* Help!  I have a family, how do I manage my business AND my love for my family?

* How do I produce beautiful and professional images and content on a budget?

*  How do I measure if my digital ads are producing sales?  How do I read Google analytics?

*  Pricing:  what is it, how do I develop the perfect and profitable pricing model?

*  Taxes, legal issues and Professional services