Several themes emerge as we now re-brand to The Axia Agency.

How did we arrive?

From our humble beginnings as Kalli Marketing in 2008, I started the “agency” from my kitchen table, breastfeeding a new-born baby while I took client calls and sold advertisements for the City Chamber Orchestra, my very first marketing client. The orchestra grew to work with some of the biggest names in the field of classical music, from Sir James Galway to Sir Neville Mariner. Those were exciting and fun times.

In the early days, I didn’t have a name for the company, so I named the agency Kalli, which is my Chinese name — Jia Li in Mandarin. It is a typical name for a Chinese girl that means beauty. It would be similar to a Western name like Christine.

In the beginning, we would accept almost any branding or marketing assignment, anything that would pay the bills: wine brands, jewelry brands, marketing doctors, advising and organizing regional events, and more.

Over time, we built up a formidable client list. Some of the bigger names on our resume include Citi Private Bank, Vanguard, Naxos Classics, Mattioli Jewelry, and Scarselli diamonds, but we have also worked with many regional and local brands looking to scale up their operations, marketing, and branding. Most clients were looking for creative ideas and new ways to engage with their audiences. We brought innovative styles and new ideas into most of the projects we undertook, measuring every campaign launched, capturing the value in financial terms for the brands and the audiences.

The Axia Values

The name Axia means values in Greek, and we have been described as having a values-first model; we motivate, inspire, value intuition, compassion, quality, and excellence. With a larger team now based in North America and Asia, we are now able to serve clients with a more global strategy. We have strengthened our core offering, which includes:

  • Global brand strategy
  • C-level personal branding
  • Global PR and communications
  • Internal Teams foundational marketing & digital training
  • Workshops, Webinars, Marketing & Communications training

With the diverse Axia Team located now in 2 major geographical regions, we are better positioned to provide 24-hour advisory with a global view.

Marketing education and training through webinars is an important aspect of our business. Through our online events broadcasted for free at, we continue to educate and inspire entrepreneurs and corporations from non-marketing backgrounds about the many different tools, as well as emerging trends in marketing and communications.

We also run the monthly Spirit of Axia members calls on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8 pm ET / 8 am HKT for those who want more personal attention and focus on specific questions about their business. Occasionally, we focus on lifestyle topics such as beauty, work-life balance, self-esteem and mindset, parenting, and spiritual or mindfulness education.

A New Growth Paradigm

The primary aim of the Axia Agency is to continue growing our advisory services and influence in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Our focus regions are undergoing massive economic growth and Axia continues to advise leaders, brands and corporations how to grow in both sustainable and profitable ways. A new paradigm continues to emerge, and the way forward is growth through cooperation which benefits the planet, people and corporations.


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