Your intuition is not to be ignored. Your inner compass represents wisdom that is processed too quickly for the conscious mind to comprehend.  

To completely trust our intuition and benefit from its wisdom, we must cultivate self-awareness. Here’s I began my journey. 

It was 2008 when I started questioning the “why” behind why I do, what I do.

I was 15 years into my corporate life in luxury marketing back and I found myself at a crossroads in my career. I had everything I once dreamed of having.

I was working my dream job at one of the largest luxury companies in the world with a great salary package, regional and international travel, and was well-respected in my industry. On the outside, I lived the seemingly glamorous and fast-paced lifestyle I once strived for but inside, I knew something was missing. 

I longed for something more. I was always searching but never quite knew what I was looking for. What I did know was I lacked a passion, the “fire in the belly” if you will when it came to my work. 

As a response, I began attending meditation classes and started becoming more mindful in other aspects of my life. I was more intentional in the ways I was exercising my body and I took some lessons from my son’s swim coach and improved my swimming. I became more mindful about what type of food I was eating, and paid attention to my nutrition, and I became more mindful of the people I chose to spend time with. I later understood that I was in the process of listening to my own inner compass and learning to tap into my intuition, asking myself questions and finding the answers from within. I began to live a life of purpose and finally found the “dream life” I always wanted. How did I know this? I woke up each morning jumping out of bed, excited and feeling joyful to start the days work.

Here is how I did it:

Self-Reflection and Meditation 

When you develop your inner compass, you add clarity to your life. I don’t regret my past actions however, had I been more in tune with my inner compass, and listened to the feedback, I could have walked a slightly smoother path. 

Intuition is not to be ignored. I believe that intuition represents is a wisdom from within that a busy mind processed too quickly for the conscious mind to comprehend. That being the case, this means we already have the answers we need, we simply lack the ability to access it. 

With the fast pace at which many of us live, it’s understandable why many often lack self-awareness. To help, I found meditation and journaling as effective ways to gain insight into your unconscious thought processes and begin understanding the “why” behind our thoughts and actions. 

If that’s too much for you, a simple walk in solitude, in nature would suffice. These personal moments are meant to build your mind-body-spirit connection. It’s important to bask in silence to quiet the mind when our lives are so noisy. Eventually, you will be able to listen, understand, and reflect on what your inner compass is trying to tell you.

Move & Listen to Your Body

Your mind, body, and spirit are interconnected so, it’s not enough to only have mental fortitude. Nutrition has a powerful influence on our energy levels and emotions. Therefore, learning and listening to what your body needs for fuel is another important step to a healthy body. The body is a vessel for the mind so, learn to swim, or start running, practice yoga, incorporate any kind of physical movement, and see how it also helps you to get a better night’s sleep! It’s essential to keep our physical bodies healthy so our mind can do the heavy workloads that are part of the modern “always-on” lifestyle, and in order that our spirit is joyful and at peace. 

When our mental, physical, spiritual selves work in harmony and our body is in balance, you’ll find yourself leading an abundant, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, not only for yourself but for the loved ones around you as well.